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Dry Fertilizer Plant 004.jpgDry Fertilizer:

With our Speed King Blender we can custom blend our dry products to meet your needs. In our warehouse we carry 46% Urea, Treated Urea, 11-52-0 Map, 0-0-60 Potash, 21-0-0-24 AMS Sulfur. We offer full truck load delivery of most any blend you need, Straight from the Port to save you money.

Direct Ship of all Liquid Fertilizer's




Golden Harvest Corn


NK Soybeans

Wheat Seed, Alfalfa Seed, Brome Seed:

LOGO polansky.gif

We offer many different varieties of wheat seed from Polansky Seed and other suppliers; we also carry a good line of alfalfa seed.


Interstate Batteries:

Interstate.JPGWe stock several popular sizes of Auto and Truck Batteries.

Farm Shop products:

PB Blaster, Tire Patches, Hyd. Oil, Antifreeze, and Fuel Conditioners.

Lawn Seed & Lawn Fertilizers:

K-31 and Winner Circle grass seeds in 50lb bags, and many different types of lawn fertilizers in 50lb bags for large Lawns.


We stock most farm implement tires and tubes and can get most of your other tire needs in a few days.


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